Double Double Toil and Trouble.


Sansa made a funny face at Loras that Robb and Margaery didn’t catch due to their lips finding each others once more. "You’ve got a little chocolate on your face." She said teasing Loras as she tossed a handkerchief at him playfully before chuckling and nodding in answer to Loras’ question.

"He truly does hate it that we all get to come to school and he gets left behind." She said shrugging, choosing her words carefully. She wasn’t lying, everyone knew how close Rickon and Sansa were, so it was absolutely possible she could have taken a moment to slip onto the train due to consoling Rickon. Even if that wasn’t that case. 

"That’s true." Robb chimed in, "But he will be with us next year. He will be alright." He said smiling sincerely at his his sister in comfort. For a moment Sansa felt bad for misleading her brother, but it only lasted a moment and it was quickly erased when Loras spoke up telling them about his summer.

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Loras caught the handkerchief in midair and brought it to his face to wipe away the smudge of chocolate as gracefully as he could. "Well his time will come soon," Loras replied with a slight shrug. He had been the same when Garlan had been going to Hogwarts.

"It was. We all traveled the French countryside and visited a lot of major cities as well. Paris was really nice." He hoped they didn’t question him too much about it or he wouldn’t be able to keep up the facade. There would be too many loose ends.

Loras didn’t get anything. He had already hunted her down earlier as soon as he had boarded to sate his chocolate fixation. "All that fish this summer did quite a number on you too Theon," Loras piped in, picking at his nails innocently. He had thought Sansa was going to hex him for a moment. Only for a moment.

Loras ended the awkward silence lingering in the air and decided to make Margaery do something else with her lips then make out with Robb right in front of everyone, "How was Winterfell?" he asked his younger sister pointedly. "Bloody hell, would you two get a room?" he snapped when she didn’t respond.

"Already got one," Robb and Margaery chimed in unison.

"One without others having to watch your disgusting displays of affection in it." His golden eyes flicked to the window watching the trees fly past as the train thundered onward.

Loras adjusted his silver and green tie, and shrugged on the traditional black robes most students wore. His prefect badge was already pinned to the left side of his chest. 

"I wonder who they chose to be the female prefect for Slytherin," he voiced aloud. There were a lot of people that could have been chosen by the Headmaster. And he was surprised himself when the badge arrived in an envelope by owl only a few days ago when he had returned from France.

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"Suck my dick."



"Did I hear a please in there?" Loras asked with a smirk, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Alec turned his head in mock annoyance. “Hm.”

Loras stood up, standing a little taller than the older Shadowhunter. He kissed the corner of Alec’s lips, “Let’s go out tonight. You need some cheering up right now and staying here holed up in the Institute won’t change that.”

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I believe I have all my replies done.

Do I owe anyone else? Like this if I owe you a reply to one of our threads.

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In The Vale of Health. (x)

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"Suck my dick."



"Did I hear a please in there?" Loras asked with a smirk, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Alec turned to his boyfriend. He frowned. “You’re an asshole, Loras. Really.”

"Ouch," Loras replied with a frown. Loras wrapped his arms around his waist, and placed his chin against Alec’s stomach, looking up at him innocently, "I’m sorry," he muttered quietly. 

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"Suck my dick."



"Did I hear a please in there?" Loras asked with a smirk, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

A strangled moan left Alec’s lips and he pressed back against Loras. “O-Oh.”

Loras drew away and flashed him a smirk, lying back on his bed staring up at the irritated and flustered Shadowhunter, “Now are you going to tell me what’s upsetting you or not?” he asked.

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Wolves by lynneh


Wolves by lynneh

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his wife said she’d divorce him if he killed Arya

his wife said she’d divorce him if he killed Arya



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"Suck my dick."



"Did I hear a please in there?" Loras asked with a smirk, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

He struggled to keep his voice calm. “You’re being irritating…and..”

"And…?" Loras asked with a feral smile as he sucked on the tender flesh sweetly. He knew he wasn’t playing fair but then again he never really did.

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"Suck my dick."



"Did I hear a please in there?" Loras asked with a smirk, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Alec’s face reddened. “Stop. I’m mad at you.”

"Enlighten me on what I did this time," he murmured in his ear, lips hovering over his neck teasingly.

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"Suck my dick."

"Did I hear a please in there?" Loras asked with a smirk, giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

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Send me “Suck my dick.” For my Muse’s reaction to yours demanding this to them.
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Double Double Toil and Trouble.


The familiar train whistle echoed around Platform 9 & 3/4 bringing the all too familiar smile to Sansa’s lips Finally, they were heading back to Hogwarts. Not one of the Stark children seemed nearly as excepted about this, Sansa noted glancing around at Bran and Arya’s somber faces.

Glancing around she wasn’t surprised that Jon was well out of sight, likely he slipped of to find his 'brothers' and gods knew what kind of trouble him and his friends were likely to get into. She smirked as she caught a glimpse of him and Margaery slipping out of sight after their reunion. The sound of her fathers chuckle drew her eyes to him and her laughter joined his.

“For goodness sake, he acts like he hasn’t seen that girl all summer.” Her mothers voice said drifting over the crowd to them after having come through the entryway, with Rickon clinging tightly to her hand. "She was just at our home in Winterfell two weeks ago.”

“Two weeks is a long time amongst young love, Cat. Or do you not remember when that was us?” Ned said smirking at his wife, the obvious blush on Catelyn’s cheeks made it apparent that she did indeed remember. Ned placed a chaste kiss on his wife lips smirking loving down at her. “Leave him be.” He murmured before turning his attentions back to his other children. “Now you kids go on and take your seats, wouldn’t want the train to leave without you now would we?”

Sansa smiled up at her father and nodded quickly, swiftly kissing him on his cheek. “I’ll see you on winter break.” She told her mother happily. Cat embraced her daughter and held her tightly. Goodbyes were always the hardest for Cat, even if the kids were just going to school.

Rickon tugged on Sansa’s cardigan causing her to pull away from her mother and kneel before her youngest brother as Cat moved over to Arya in an attempt to once again brush her fingers through Arya’s hair in hopes to bring some order to that tangled mop of brown hair. Her father had taken Bran aside for the one on one talk all the kids had gotten their first year. Sansa remembered that talk all too well, even though it had been three years since he had pulled her aside. And soon, it would be Rickon’s turn.

“Do you have to go?” Rickon said softly, the frown on his lips nearly making her want to stay.

Smiling, she tossled his hair a bit as she nodded, “You know I do. But don’t worry, I’ll be home before you know it and I’ll get to show you all the new things I learned. You just try not to drive mom up a wall and…” Glancing around to make sure no one was watching, she learned in and whispered in Rickon’s ear, an inside joke only the two of them would understand about the gnomes in their fathers godswood, causing him to burst out in a fit of laughter. Swinging his arms around Sansa’s neck, she smiled and hugged him tightly. “I’ll miss you, pup.”

The train whistle sounded again and they all knew that it was time. Releasing the child, she kissed his head and waved goodbye to her parents as she headed towards the train letting Rickon and her parents say their goodbyes to Arya and Bran.

She paused on her way to the train as a flash of gold caught her attention. Glancing over, her breath caught for a moment as she spotted him. His golden hair reflecting brightly again the sunlight that filtered through the station windows, the blood red shirt he wore looked magnificent against his pale skin and bright eyesEven though red wasn’t his school colors, Sansa couldn’t help but think how good he looked in her father’s house colors. His eyes caught hers and he smirked watching her take in the sight of him. Joffrey.

She had known him her whole life, and naturally, she had the biggest crush on him and everyone knew it. Her father didn’t approve of the boy. He said that as the Minister of Magic’s son, it would be best if they didn’t spend too much time together. Joffrey had been known to get into all sorts of trouble that his father had to sort out. Ned didn’t want his daughter getting caught up with Joffrey’s antics and he certainly wasn’t ready to see his eldest daughter starting to date.

She smiled at the thought, but what her father didn’t know couldn’t hurt. As if he could read her thoughts Joffrey winked at her across the crowd, the grin on his lips broadening as he slipped onto the train without further delay.

Blushing beat red, Sansa maneuvered herself behind another student and stepped onto the train a few compartments down from where Joffrey had. Glancing back at her parents and Rickon, she waved with a bright smile and slipped inside, ready to start a whole new year.


Within moments the train had taken off from the station and Sansa carried her small carry-on bag with her through the compartments looking for her brother Robb. As much as she wanted to go join Jeane and Joffrey in the compartments towards the end of the train, she was expected to be with Margaery as she usually was. She knew in a heart beat Robb would put an end to her seeing Joffrey if he knew, so instead she stuck to the plan as usual in hopes to not draw too much attention to herself.

It didn’t take her long to find them. Smiling she slid open the compartment door and slipped inside to join Robb, Margaery, and Loras. “Took you long enough.” Margaery scolded her as she stood to greet Sansa, but the twinkle in her eyes said she knew exactly what Sansa had been up to. Margaery was the best secret keeper there was. Sansa couldn’t help but smile and quickly hug her friend before joining her arm in arm and sitting down on the bench. Robb drapped his arm back around Margaery and everything was as it should be. “Hey Loras.” She said smiling brightly at him, “How was your holiday?”  


Loras heard the shrill whistle of the train warning of departure in a few minutes as soon as his family passed through the wall. He was struggling to push his and Margaery’s carts over to the luggage area as Margaery scurried off to find Robb. Loras could hear Olenna barking orders at random people, hot on his heels. 

All around him he caught glimpses of familiar faces hurrying to board the train. Loras said his goodbyes to his family and hopped on the train, golden eyes catching the brief exchange between Sansa and Joffrey before he headed to their usual compartment.

As he had expected, Robb and Margaery were already sitting in the compartment. Loras made a fake gagging sound in the back of his throat as he slid the door shut behind him. The two drew apart but only a little. Robb’s arms still around her.

"Don’t be such an arse." Margaery said throwing a Chocolate Frog at him. He caught in his mouth and stuck his tongue out at her. All three heads turned as Sansa slipped inside the compartment. "Did Rickon try to come with you again?" he asked as he felt the train start rolling forward. Loras flashed Sansa a knowing smile. He wouldn’t tell Robb. He would let her play it out. Just like he was playing his own dangerous game.

 "Amazing. France is so nice this time of year." His family had thought he had been away with friends but in reality he had been alone and had gone to meet Renly.

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Snakes in the Garden


"Is that your goal? To stay the same forever?" she asked in a curious tone, setting the bandage back down after she’d looked it over. There was the expected mess underneath, healing tissue, scarring, raw skin and scabs, but nothing with a foul smell or stuck to the linen. Whatever else might be said for the Tyrells they’d looked after their fallen son gently and thoroughly. Poor boy. If she and Arianne had made it out of Dorne then he might have been a cousin of hers by marriage.

"I’m not here to deal in pity," she assured him, looking back at him in calm nonchalance, bringing her hands to her lap. "What is it they tell you then? That without your perfect face you’ll be a different person? That you’ll have to act differently, think differently, love and live differently? Because if you do not eat, to allow your body to heal, you won’t have those troubles- because you will fester and die. Is that what they tell you instead?"

"I appreciate your optimism but I say the Hound and that was only from his brother putting his face against hot coals." His lips drew tight in a grim smile, "More than half my body was burned by oil." Loras knew that his wounds were receiving far better treatment than the Hound likely had but there would still be the scars.

Loras kept quiet at that. The septa was right. He had never cared for the opinions of others before now. The only difference would be that the looks cast his way by anyone passing by would be of sympathy and pity rather than admiration or envy. “Love,” he scoffed, “There’s no room for something like that in such a cruel world.” Loras took a tentative bite of bread, it still had a faint warmth to it which meant it had been freshly baked. “No. I will get better. I have to for my sister’s sake.” He wouldn’t hold it against her that of the Faith’s involvement in her trial and current predicament. 

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